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Symantec / Veritas

Symantec announced, after I’d been working there a year, that it would split into two public companies by the end of 2015. The lines of business and products were delineated by security and information management.  I chose to transition with the new company, named after a back up and recovery business acquired over 10 years prior,  Veritas Technologies. But instead of going public, Symantec sold its information management subsidiary to the investment firm The Carlyle Group, which acquired Veritas on January 29, 2016.

Subsequently, the new owners cut costs and our inside sales organization in Springfield, OR was closed.

My experience working at one of the world’s largest software companies was interesting, to say the least.  I enjoyed the camaraderie of our team, working closely with managers, solutions engineers, the sales QA team and peers. What I came away with is a record of my impact, some measured in reports below, despite the size of the company.

Manager’s Evaluation

Symantec Manager’s and Self Evaluation full document

Sales Enablement QA Feedback

Sales Call Quality Assurance Rating

Sales Call score of 97%
QA call score of 97%, in the top 2%.

Full Scorecard as .pdf

Veritas Sales Metrics Report

sales metrics

solution calls

Sales Expert Certificates

Google Achievements

Digital Sales Certification

Ad Fundamentals

Analytics for Beginners

Sym cert

Sym DRO cert