Working Remotely – Offer of Software Set Up

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, I am volunteering through 3/20 to help home office workers get set up with certain apps that I am familiar with for video calls and collaboration software. I will donate an hour of my time.

I will first consult over the phone to confirm I can help, then advise on options considering: what your needs are, apps you currently have, feel comfortable with and that I can assist in set up and one-time training.

As part of set up and training, I may send you a link for the service that fits your needs so we can connect online. I’ll guide you by sharing my computer screen or verbally walk you through in some cases.

In 1 hour, I’d hope to at least get you set up so you can explore and learn within the software on your own after that.

How to Request Assistance

Please use the form on the bottom of this page to request a call, specifying your availablity. I’ll get back to you with a proposed time to connect by phone. I’ll handle as many requests as I can but can’t guarantee that I can help everyone who asks.

About My Intentions

The Covid-19 virus precautionary measures will impact businesses, the people they serve and employ all across America. My skills can make a difference in our community by helping keep people in touch with each other.

I am passionate about helping people use software to their advantage and to get the most out of it. Experience as a remote worker at software companies for many years using all sorts of collaboration tools gave me skills I can share.

I am not selling anything. I am unemployed at this point and can fit in some consultations between my job search.

What I Can’t Do

I’m not a hardware expert, nor can I help with Internet connections or networking. I am also not familiar with Apple iOS but since most apps are online, they are compatible with Macs and iOS devices. Facetime is an app only available to iOS devices, no Android.

Resources for DIY

Free video / phone conferencing

  • Zoom – unlimited 1:1 person meetings, requires a “work” email
  • – unlimited 1:1 person meetings
  • Google Hangouts – available within Google Accounts
  • Facebook’s “Messenger”
  • Instagram videochat – “How To”