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Fortune 500 to Start Ups

Technology to Improve the Bottom Line
My broad experience in software and “Software as a Service” (SaaS) business development, complemented by a background in marketing and branding at entrepreneurial companies, gives me a unique set of skills to be a catalyst for your organization.

I ask “powerful,” relevant questions that educate and add value to conversations, vs sales pitches, leveraging executive-level sales acumen, drive, enthusiasm and a passion to match solutions to problems. Once clients are acquired, my account management skills keep them excited and engaged with the product, helping ensure their success, lasting relationship, and likelihood of referring business.


Always Curious, Ever Learning
The concept of blockchain is revolutionizing how enterprises do business around the world. Its premise of a distributed, open network gets us back to the original vision of the Internet and builds upon it a level of security to protect data and privacy. The US is late to the party, however, so there is opportunity for me to help businesses understand the value and relevant use cases.

I am particularly interested in how this technology will be used in high-value transactions where provenance is important, such as real estate or supply chain logistics. Obtaining my “Enterprise Blockchain Certification” in Sept., 2020 will round out my technical skills and understanding of the business value of blockchain.

Don’t Understand Blockchain?

Blockchain refers to an immutable chain of blocks of information pertaining to each transaction when the home, car, artwork, antique, loan, medical records, imported goods, etc., changes hands. Imagine a digital identity that holds within it all prior information attached to the chain – title, dates of purchase, tax info and other historical records and then refer to that numeric identity in a smart contract.

Smart contracts self-execute based on triggers designed in the contract. This is truly ground breaking and will allow peer-to-peer transactions, eliminating middlemen, not without challenges, though.  It’s complex and energy consumptive.

Real Estate Software Platforms

Expertise in a Market Vertical

I have particular expertise in the real estate vertical as an account manager in SaaS tools that include responsive CMS websites, lead generation, engagement, cultivation tools and a CRM database.

My most recent jobs in this market were with G5 Search Marketing and Reliance Network. I enjoyed serving the needs of real estate brokerages and property management companies with a front end lead generation serices and a SaaS platform that solves the problem of multiple log ins and disparate software. The intranet platform spans lead generation to cultivation with seamless integration of data – MLS, Google Analytics, search history, email marketing, etc.

My marketing perspective allows me to be a trusted adviser on how to apply particular marketing strategies using these software products.

Data Protection

Information Management
A company’s information is one of their most valuable assets. I am passionate about helping companies get the best ROI – return on Information.

At Symantec, then spin-off Veritas, I sold complex software solutions by being a respected, valued educator and adviser. I took the time to understand customer needs, matched them to specific solutions, framing them in a holistic view with clear and simple business value.


Agile – to Serve Growing, Changing Needs

My first love of software and its “paradigm-shifting” capabilities was discovered at Mondo Media, where I wore many hats as the company grew and shifted with technology developments and consumer expectations.

I managed a small studio of computer artists creating corporate multi media presentations, high resolution experiences for computer game animation, character design and 3D modelling.

We applied the same skills to corporate projects that showcased tech products such as Microsoft Windows NT, Intel and other Silicon Valley companies.

The company moved through levels of investment and my roles changed from PR Director, Business Development Director, and content syndication as the company evolved through it’s entrepreneurial stages.

Mondo Media became well known for its talented designers, 3D modelling and environments, motion capture, 2D animation and game development expertise with clients such as Activision, Electronic Arts and LA studio game divisions.

The company now has one of the most popular YouTube channels for its edgy animated shows.


Studies in Communications Design studies at Pratt Institute, New York (incomplete)
Studies in Liberal Arts at Hamilton College, Clinton, NY (transferred to Pratt)


Ballroom and West Coast Swing dancing, hiking, mountain biking, gardening