About Me

Software Evangelist, Creative Problem Solver 

Helping Companies Increase Revenues with Software Adoption, UX Optimization

Software is a beautiful thing when used in the right situation, by the right people, for the right purpose. I match business needs with software solutions that align to business goals. To do that, software needs to produce meaningful metrics that show measured accountability, the ROI – “Return on Information.”

If you or your clients use a microservices software architecture or a complex, monolithic platform, investment in software can be huge. Companies need to make their software as productive and effective as possible. Users need to care enough to embrace technology by understanding the value in the data, to invest their time to accurately input, track and measure.

This is my passion – to evangelize the benefits of software, whether for clients in a business development capacity, or in a customer success role by caring deeply about the customer experience, from initial sales through onboarding, coaching, training to retention and renewal.

Work History

My broad experience in “Software as a Service” (SaaS) business development and account management is complemented by a background in marketing and branding at entrepreneurial companies. This gives me a unique set of skills to benefit clients and be a catalyst for your organization.

I ask “powerful,” relevant questions that educate and add value to conversations, vs sales pitches that sell AT the prospect rather than WITH, leveraging industry knowledge, sales acumen, drive and a passion to match solutions to problems. Once clients are acquired, my account management skills keep them excited and engaged with the product, helping ensure their success, lasting relationship, and likelihood of referrals and repeat business.

Here is a work history where I gained a unique set of skills from experience at both large and small companies with a running theme of making the client a hero.

Real Estate Software – Expertise in a Market Vertical

I took advantage of the real estate bubble by working in the real estate software industry in business development and account management for G5 Search MarketingReal Pro Systems and later for Reliance Network –  software developers that provide fully integrated, monolithic platforms that include content management system (CMS) websites, CRM, MLS database integration for IDX, automated marketing tools and many more features. I also sold individual property websites to real estate agents and brokerages for AgencyLogic.


I enjoyed serving the needs of national real estate brokerages with a SaaS platform that solves the problem of multiple log ins and disparate software. The intranet platform spans the entire sales cycle with seamless integration of data: lead capture, MLS search behavior and buyer and seller tools, email marketing, fully responsive CMS websites for 4 tiers – company, branch, team and agent – with back-end CRM, deep reporting capabilities and lots more.

My marketing perspective allows me to be a trusted adviser on how to apply marketing strategies using these software products to get the best return on software investment, adoption, retention and success for users. Experience selling advertising to real estate agents allowed me to learn their various marketing tactics for lead generation.

Data Protection and Security

At Symantec, then spin-off Veritas, I sold complex software solutions for data security, protection and management by being a respected, valued educator and advisor, understanding customer needs matched to specific solutions and framing them in a holistic view with clear and simple business value.

Symantec, the global leader in cyber security innovation, secures data & defends against cyber attacks. I helped solve data protection, backup, recovery & resilience challenges with an extensive family of software products that preserve the value of their data. Veritas, global leader in information governance solutions, gives insight and visibility into data. Nearly 90% of Fortune 500 companies use Veritas core solutions.

Entrepreneurship During the Dot Com Boom

My first love of software was developed at Mondo Media, a digital design and animation studio, where I worked for almost 9 years, wearing many hats as the company grew and pivoted with advances in technology and how consumer behavior moved online.

I began at Mondo Media working under husband/wife owners by managing a small studio of computer artists and developers as we worked with San Francisco ad agencies on the first iterations of “banner ads” in 8 bit graphics (NAPLPS vector graphics) for Prodigy. 

Below is an example of the limitations of online graphics on Prodigy – very challenging for digital artists when “jaggies” in 8 bit graphics ruin images. 

prodigy car ads

As processing speeds and bandwidth improved, we moved into creating “interactive multimedia” for corporate marketing projects: CD-ROMs that showcased products for Microsoft, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Medivision, Intel, Sierra Semiconductor, Compaq. We applied the same skills to create computer game animation, character design and 3D modelling in both high resolution for cut scenes and environments, and low resolution for real time games.

Mondo Media transitioned to a computer game design studio and became well known for its talented designers, 3D modelling and environments, motion capture, 2D animation and game development expertise with clients such as Activision, Electronic Arts, Hasbro and Hollywood movie studio game divisions. The company moved through levels of outside investment and my roles changed from Public Relations Director, Business Development, and content Syndication Directors as the company evolved through its entrepreneurial stages.

Despite a setback in the “Dot Com Bust”, the company now has one of the most popular YouTube channels for its edgy 2D animated shows (for more, please see this interesting history of the company).

Brand Consulting

Helping Companies Express Their Vision and Brand Personality Across Multiple Touch Points

A company’s brand is integral to their success. A brand should be evident in every point of contact you make with your stakeholders – employees, board members, investors, prospects and customers – and must convey WHY they should care about you, your company and products or service.

Currently, I offer brand and marketing consulting here in Eugene, OR, collaborating with Takure Design. Our team has a combined 80 years experience helping startups and organizations transform and grow by creating and supporting custom branding, identity, design, websites, and ecommerce sites.

takure website

Agency/Graphic Design Firm Experience

In New York City and San Francisco, I gained experience as an account manager working at an International corporate identity/branding firm, Addison Design. I had the pleasure of working directly with Fortune 100 public relations directors, gaining insight into the world of corporate executives, their perspectives and business communication needs. Our particular area of expertise was brand strategy and development and annual report design and production. My mentor was Michael Wolff, who was hired to advise on the Burger King re-branding project.  His mantra is “Strategy Made Visible.” He is considered one of the preeminent visionaries and perhaps the father of 20th century brand expression and identity.


I enjoyed consulting with, teasing out a brand identity from new companies, or those that need to pivot, refresh or rebrand and how to convey their corporate mission, passion, raison d’etre, vision.

Prior to working in graphic design I worked as an Art Director and Production Manager in book publishing.

Studies in Communication Design at Pratt Institute in New York City, a leading art school, gave me a solid understanding of how companies can visually communicate their brand.


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