For the Right-Fit Solutions

How Can I Help Your Company Grow?

Champion your software products and services, increase client adoption rate, retention, expansion

Solve business problems with the right fit software – identify, assess, consult on remediation, educate on best practices, make the client a hero

Become valued team player, leveraging experience at both small, entrepreneurial software companies and Fortune 500 companies that have complex, enterprise software platforms

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Listening + caring + creative thinking = success. Image © Gwyneth Iredale 2020


Polished professional with work experience that includes large international companies such as Symantec and Veritas to entrepreneurial companies that have benefited from business development and marketing acumen, drive and a passion to match software solutions to solve problems.

Particular expertise in the real estate industry consulting on, advising, implementing and optimizing digital marketing strategies.

Expanding expertise in enterprise blockchain technology, which, in many cases, benefits outweigh the disruption in how the underlying technology can improve business processes and user experience in secure, immutable, transparent, smart contract-managed transactions.

Customer Success Manager with authentic, heartfelt personal goal of ensuring the client has a positive experience, meets their business goals, while enhancing the reputation and good will built by team members and company management.

Increasing ROI = Return on Information

Fearless cold caller and software evangelist in business development roles, helping companies ​​get the best return on their most valuable asset – their data.

Always Curious, Ever Learning

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